Access Control List revisited

posted on 2018-06-01

When translating an old article for a blog I came up with some fresh ideas which turned out to work pretty well. This resulted in a revamped Access Control List implementation in PHP-MySQL.

If you are less interested in all the theoretical mumbo jumbo you could always skip straight to the working demo.

In short, this functionality enables you to build serialized logical expressions you can use to protect (and store alongside) your resources. These logical expressions can be editted with a (semi) user friendly form element with which you can build logical trees, which look like this:

More responsiveness

posted on 2015-07-17

I've been tinkering with this for a while and this website, at least the frontend, is now a bit more responsive. In hindsight it was actually pretty easy. Some CSS rules and a minor adjustment in the maintemplate.

I also fixed the styling of the existing newsarticles so they should all render correctly now.

This article helped alot, too. I do seem to recall it also had a video on there, but that has been (re)moved. Still, those few pages on this topic still give a lot of helpful pointers.

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